INSTYLE: 9 Reasons You’ll Love Cruel Intentions: The Musical … Which Is Basically an Ode to ‘90s Nostalgia

We love a good nostalgia fix, and Cruel Intentions: The Musical does just that. The production, which is now playing at (le) Poisson Rouge in New York City’s West Village, has everything you could ask for in a show highlighting the best of the ’90s—including a steady stream of your favorite pre-Millenium hits.


In between listening to the Cruel Intentions characters—made iconic by Sarah Michelle GellarRyan PhilippeReese Witherspoon, and Selma Blair in 1999—manipulate and seduce each other using the movie’s exact dialogue, you get to hear them belt out everything from “I Want It That Way” to “I Don’t Wanna Wait.” It’s magical, and not just because the supremely talented cast nail their respective roles (which they do) or because it’s fun to hear your favorite old school jams belted out by some of your all-time favorite characters (which it is). has the 9 reasons you’ll love the show.