Most toddlers delight their parents by walking from one end of the room to the other without wiping out. Two-year-old Nik Wallenda dazzled his mom, Delilah, when he walked across the living room on a wire. It’s par for the course when you grow up in what is arguably the world’s most famous circus family:

NEW YORK TIMES: Bond 45 Reopens in a New Theater District Location

Headliner BOND 45 The centerpiece of Shelly Fireman’s relocated theater district restaurant is the appetite-whetting cornucopia of antipasto platters arranged around the bar, just steps from the entrance. Beyond this are booths and tables. There’s a lower-level dining room as well, done in deep coppery tones and lit with Edison bulbs. “We’re more in the heart

NEW YORK TIMES: How a Gang of Droogs Get Fit (Ultrafit) Off Broadway

Nine droogs (and one alternate droog) gathered an hour and a half before showtime at New World Stages on a recent Friday night. To a chorus of syncopated grunts, oohs and aahs, they began to warm up. Most actors preparing to go onstage exercise their voices, do some stretching or Zen out with peace and quiet. The unusual high-intensity

BROADWAY.COM: British Invasion! Jonno Davies & Alexandra Spencer-Jones Bring the Brotherhood of A Clockwork Orange Stateside

Most fans of A Clockwork Orange, the dystopian chronicle about a young boy’s crime-and-punishment journey, are introduced to the story through Anthony Burgess’ 1962 novel or the psychedelic visuals of Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film. For New York stage newcomer Jonno Davies, the testosterone-fueled tale was told by a woman. Before he met character Alex De-Large,

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Is There a Date-Stamp on the Moving Body?

A work by Monica Bill Barnes warrants certain expectations. It will be humorous, it will be fun and, despite your cynical self, you will laugh. But the first time she and her longtime dance partner, Anna Bass, showed their creative producing director what they had been working on in private — the seed of their newest